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30th July 2014


Heartist - Manipulate Song Review

Heartist – Manipulate Song Review


Before we begin big thanks for Tristan for doing the 3rd day Sonisphere review mainly for me! Although I am disappointed you didn’t see Dream Theater as they are one of my favourite bands. Also I’m incredibly jealous I didn’t get to Sonisphere this year as it is by far the best organised festival I’ve ever been to. Now onto another round of the game we call, reviewing a new song!

I stumbled…

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29th July 2014


Sonisphere 2014 - Day 3 Review

Sonisphere 2014 – Day 3 Review

So we come to the final day of

So we come to the final day of Sonisphere Festival (or at least the review, as the actual final day was nearly three weeks ago). This one’s going to be a bit shorter as:

  • I still hadn’t quite recovered from being a human barricade during Iron Maiden’s headline set the previous night.
  • I’m only really doing this last one to make Ben happy.


  1. ..lets get on with it…

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17th July 2014


Sonisphere Festival 2014 - Day 2 Review

Sonisphere Festival 2014 – Day 2 Review


Sonisphere Day 2. The Saturn Stage is open for business, and so begins the apparent metal bleep test brought on by alternate staging, causing fans to trudge from one to the other between acts. Also, alternate staging is a brilliant concept, as Peter Griffin would say:

Day 2 – Maiden England

Having dressed appropriately for the day (ie: Iron Maiden t shirt) I was greeted by the familiar…

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15th July 2014


Joe Bonamassa - Different Shades of Blue Song Review

Joe Bonamassa – Different Shades of Blue Song Review


Hold onto your hats readers; this is a rare occurrence on Mouths for War…A non metal song review! So if you are exclusively dressed in corpse paint and only listen to bands with undecipherable logos, then this review may not be up your street! But I hope you stick around anyway as otherwise you’re missing out on a seriously good track.

For those of you unfamiliar of Joe Bonamassa(shame on you!)…

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11th July 2014

Post with 4 notes

Sonisphere Festival 2014 - Day 1 Review

Sonisphere Festival 2014 – Day 1 Review


Words cannot describe the elation that came over me when I heard that Sonisphere was returning this year, with two of music’s, let alone metal’s, biggest names headlining. Partially, because I was glad that I wouldn’t have to camp in a marsh like my previous experiences at Download Festivaland partially because this was a line-up that clearly focused more on delivering a supreme live show for…

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3rd July 2014


Darkest Hour - Wasteland Song Review

Darkest Hour – Wasteland Song Review


Hey all, new song review comin’ at ya (anyone who gets that obscure 90′s Cleopatra reference should be impressed, and well a little bit worried). And there are some big changes coming your way…all of our reviews from now on will be reviewed out of 10 and not 5! Madness I know and to any of you adverse to change we apologize, but we just feel we can give a more accurate rating with a larger scale.

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22nd June 2014


"Möngöl Hörde" by Möngöl Hörde - Album Review

“Möngöl Hörde” by Möngöl Hörde – Album Review

Mongol Horde - Mongol Horde

Earlier this year I attended one of the best live gigs that I’ve witnessed in my natural life, and surprisingly it was not a metal gig! (SEE!! I LISTEN TO OTHER THINGS!!). Watching Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls, a former hardcore frontman turned folkie, was truly awesome, seeing how attached a man and his band could get to their work. So when there were mutterings of our boy Frankfrontin…

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21st June 2014


"I Don’t Want to be Here Anymore" by Rise Against - Song Review

“I Don’t Want to be Here Anymore” by Rise Against – Song Review


Hello? Anybody out there? Where’d all this tumbleweed come from?!



It looks like things have built up since we’ve been away, University Work won’t do itself (as much as we’d all like it to…good god we’d love it to). BUT, now that exams, dissertations, results and various world ending scenarios are out of the way, we’ve drawn our swords and are reading to start hacking and slashing at…

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20th June 2014


“I the Creator” by “Monuments” Song Review

Monuments have touted as being near the forefront of British progressive metal for awhile now, but until now have never delivered to their full potential due to various line up changes – mainly on vocals.

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21st March 2014


"War Eternal" by Arch Enemy - Song Review

“War Eternal” by Arch Enemy – Song Review


People tend to ask “so how’s your dissertation going?” Well, the answer is short and simple:

Right, now that that’s out of the way, we move on to Arch Enemy’s latest single, and this isn’t the only new curveball that Arch Enemy have decided to throw our way. After Amott brother Christopher left the band for the second time in 2012, 

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